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The Truth About VISION BOARDS In 4 Minutes

Vision Boards are an awesome tool to help you Succeed in turning your dreams into reality.

Manifestation is now pretty widespread and mainstream, so everyone and their aunt are jumping on this trend with the expectation that throwing a load of images and words on a board will help them achieve their aspirations.

Sorry to kill the fun but unfortunately this will not happen by simply staring at it!!

A vision board is there to inspire and motivate you towards your dreams, but it wont magically manifest itself into reality like a frigging unicorn by just looking at it!

The TRUTH is there are a few more important ingredients when it comes to bossing a vision board and life success, lets take a whistle stop tour of these....


You have to believe the life on the board is yours, one you will have, one you want so bad you will do anything to make it happen.

Make the board personal and aligned with you and your values so you are motivated to get out of bed and work towards it each day. Connect with the vision on a deeper level. If you desire a new career, why? what does it really mean to you?

I always encourage you to dream bigger and stretch your goals but don't paint a life way outside your reach for the next twelve months as it will only overwhelm and demotivate you.

You also need to believe in yourself, your ability to move from average life to extraordinary life, because you are more than capable.


The bridge between thinking and doing is to have a strategy that gives you the clarity and focus you need each day to drive you forward towards your goals.

When it comes to strategy make sure you KISS - Keep It Super Simple! We all have the tendency to overcomplicate and get wrapped up in busyness and time wasteful activities.

Set tangible and compelling goals for each part of your life vision so you can track progress against each area, I teach my clients SMART methodology.

Research and select programs and methods specific and appropriate for each area or theme within your vision on your board. For example you will have a different plan for wellbeing as you will for your career.


Okay, so this is the crux of my discontent with the common approach to vision boards because I strongly believe manifesting does not mean just stare at it daydreaming about the life you could have.

I believe success is available to absolutely everyone of us... but you have to take a shit load of ACTION to 'manifest' your goals. Period.

I am 100% on board with the law of attraction, the energy you put out into the world you definitely attract back, BUT the universe does not reward lazy!!!

I am personally a control freak, so I am never going to sit around waiting for the universe to grant my wishes.

Yet so often see clients, colleagues and friends disappointed because they simply didn't take enough action!


There are many key mindset and behaviours you should adopt when it comes to becoming successful at achieving your goals. But persistence, doused in optimism is my number 1!

Life happens, obstacles appear, challenges arise which can throw you off course and the natural response when this happens, is to give up!!!

DONT! .... It is working through the setbacks and the failures, with an optimistic outlook that generates the most progress and success.

When things get really fucking hard, shit is going wrong, you are getting 'feedback' and being criticised, you feel you have done all you can, dig deeper, find more and break through to the results you have been working towards.

Trust me, this last bit might hurt the most, but it isn't the hardest. Be brave and push on.


A vision is fundamental to outline where you are going and vision boards are a powerful mechanism to support this. Team Merritt create a shared Pinterest board we can both access anytime, anywhere when we need that little boost, motivation or extra inspiration.

However, there are others ways to bring your vision to life; guided visualisations, journaling, recording your thoughts to audio, especially if visual learning (VAK) is not dominant sensory system.

Vision Boards can absolutely contribute towards your success, but they will do diddly squat to help you if you do not take targeted measures and big effort towards turning the vision into a reality.

Successful people are very rarely just lucky, they have worked their flipping arses off to design their life and forge their future. So will you to garner your desired results.

Next Steps

If you want to create a strong personal 2022 vision and SMART goals you actually achieve, plus build your personal plan of action whilst making some major mindset shifts, then come and join my signature two day Goal Control Workshop 29th and 30th January 2022.

6 hours of zero bullshit, high impact group coaching to set you up for success this year.

In addition to setting goals and personal action plans I will be address limiting beliefs, lack of consistently, procrastination, time management, motivation techniques, habit trackers and how to get outside of your comfort zone and face the fear of failure.

Only £55 per ticket.

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