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Your dream leadership role
opens up … 

Confident and relaxed you go for it, securing the position, impact and income you have always wanted! 

My coaching packages help you accelerate your career and get result just like this.

In a world opening its eyes to equality and the power of women,
it's time for you to step up and rise to the top so we see more
women leading companies and countries. 

After two burnouts and a baby, I had to learn how to advance my career and income in a simple and stress free way.

I now share these proven strategies through my coaching services. 


Whether you are working with me 1:1 or in my group program your transformation is centred around 2 core frameworks of mine…  

The Powerful Progression Method™ and ASCEND Framework™  

Jennifer Merritt is a career coach who helps women achieve their next promotion through her Powerful Progression Method
Jennifer Merritt is a career coach who helps women achieve their next promotion through her ASCEND Framework

This powerful blend of positive psychology and strategic action, advancing your authority, impact and income is closer than you think.

Ready to dive in?




Private 1:1 Coaching

Jennifer Merritt is a career coach who helps women achieve their next salary increase through Private Coaching


12 week high impact program tailored and personalised to you and your individual requirements. This is for those who are ready to access the next level of career success. 


Feel like you have hit a progression wall? You are a successful woman but not where you anticipated to be, you can't put your finger on what is missing and it's driving you mad.  

Common areas of focus are:

  • Self doubts and negative thoughts affecting your confidence.

  • Career clarity; vision, passion and plan, reignite your drive.

  • Understanding and connecting with your true and powerful  leadership style. 

  • Key progression strategies to help with visibility, influence and authority. 

  • High touch support through applications and interviews. 

  • Burnout avoidance and energy management, especially for busy women spinning many plates!

Working together exclusively enables us the opportunity for acute focus on your next level of authority and reward as well as dive deep super quick to see you succeed in a short period of time. 

Price £3000 - Monthly Payment Plan available 

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“Jennifer's approach to coaching is second to none. 


She has helped me stand out from the crowd, advised on how to polish my Linkedin account as well as one-to-one interview techniques. 


I now have a new position and far more self-esteem in my future and what I can achieve”

Anna Beazley 

What clients are saying about Jennifer Merritt, career coach for corporate women


This 6 month transformational programme is for women who are done being overlooked and are ready to claim their next level promotion and salary.  


Typical results include:

  • Average salary raise increased by 20-30%, (client results to date range from £7 - £36k annual uplift) 

  • Career Roadmap giving you clarity on your path to the c-suite (or any dream leadership role)

  • Secure new job within or external to current organisation, aligned to your personal Roadmap  

  • Self Mastery for improved and sustainable resilience, abundance and wellbeing

  • Freedom…step away from overworking with more time, money and energy to enjoy your work and your LIFE! 

You will work through an online curriculum learning strategy and mindset such as, networking, negotiating, confidence and interviewing like an absolute pro! 

Throughout the 6 months you are supported with multiple group coaching sessions a week covering strategy, mindset and personal branding as well three 1:1s, an exclusive Facebook group and a community of talented and ambitious women just like you!   

Price £4200 - Monthly Payment Plan available 

Jennifer Merritt is a career coach and speaker who helps women achieve their next promotion through her Ascend Program
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 What clients are saying about Jennifer Merritt, career coach for corporate women

“Wow! In such a short time with Jen's amazing strategies I have achieved so much. 


Goal setting was the first thing I wanted to address and honestly can't believe in the difference it has made in both my personal and professional life.


I'm excited about my future and really look forward to further learning & development with Jen.

Zara Rumsey 

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