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Hi, 'I'm Jen...

I help high achieving women in male dominant corporations stand out, lead with authority and build limitless dream careers.


But you already know what I do, you're here for the honest story, the girl behind the brand and why I do what I do...


My husband Robert and I started our 6 figure consultancy business in 2008 with large clients in both the finance and aerospace sectors ... we were on a roll! 

Fast forward to 2019 and things had changed, we had Vivienne age 1 and I'm flying the business solo, barely keeping up.


Something had to change fast because ...

I didn't want to burnout, again, I got that t-shirt thanks. 

I wanted to have more impact and make a difference. 


I wanted more freedom and time with my family. 

And I was fed up of being stifled by destructive leadership. 

So I retrained as a coach and made it my mission to understand the layers of corporate culture and workplace psychology.  

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Finding My Power ...

On my quest to learn 'everything' about leadership and corporate behaviours I realised what I was looking for, what I needed most to help others wasn't in academic books. 

​I was right here within me and my first hand experience. 

It was from this place I delved deep not into the subject and theories but into me, my journey and what made me the leader I am. 

It took me outside the office and back to my childhood where I explored early experiences and how they shaped me into a high achiever. 

I grew up in an unstable environment watching my parents struggle with mental health and financial difficulties. I wanted to help, but somehow nothing I ever did was enough, I couldn’t fix the problem.


This left me with the false feeling I wasn’t good enough, I must try harder.

I conducted research with other high performing women and found an overwhelming number had a similar story contributing to their success. 

It also created limitations, I could see it affecting both me and the women I spoke to.

Then it hit me, if these incredible women could come this far off the back of limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences, how far could they go if we leaned into leveraged it? Knowledge is power after all! 

So I got to work, combining my research, education, skills and experience into a 4 pillar process; ASCEND.

I tested it out for myself and was offered a Programme Director Role on ~£200k per annum...

I turned it down!!! Gasp ... I know was a lot of money left on the table BUT it wasn't in alignment. I want freedom to do baby ballet on a Tuesday or have lunch with my husband on a Friday... 


AND quite frankly I was too bloody excited about how much impact and income I can make for other women, and myself sharing this freaking incredible process!  

So I am ALL IN ... on my business, my visions and elevating more women into top jobs! 

The Fun Stuff ...

Family is my everything, together we live for fun and adventure traveling to our favourite places like Portugal and France. 


But my absolute favourite place in the world is our family home in Wiltshire. There is no better pastime than relaxing on the patio with beautiful dappled evening light, a large bowl of pasta and a bottle of Burgundy!

Other important things to know about me...

  • MS Warrior

  • Joy Junkie

  • Wine lover

  • Coffee addict

  • Sun worshipper

  • Philosophy nerd

  • Intense Empath

  • Expert Imposter

  • Amateur gardener 

  • French but cant speak it

  • Leo

  • Visionary

  • Protagonist (ENFJ-A)

  • Manifesting Generator

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Formal Bio

Jennifer's passion is people, their narrative, behaviour and emotions, she believes everybody has a story and a positive intent for life. Jennifer has made it her mission to help those craving change breakthrough the obstacles holding them back to realise their goals and live their desired life.


She is a born leader; warm, caring, empathetic, confident and fearless. She has a natural charm and ability to bring people together in harmony in all settings of life through her great capacity to connect with hearts and build and nurture meaningful relationships. 


Driven by her own story which has seen her fight her way through many challenges from bullying, burnout, family conflict, personal loss and living with Multiple Sclerosis. She shares her life lessons and hardship so that others can benefit, avoid suffering and forge their path with ease. 


An optimist at heart, you will often hear her say "Every cloud has a silver lining". She has a natural ability to turn setbacks into an advantage and loves to help others do the same. 


Jennifer is the Chief Executive Officer at Forge Your Future and a senior corporate change consultant, working with leading UK banks on their continuous improvement strategy. 


She also runs a professional coaching practice training high performing female leaders how to find their power and rise to the top of their profession, supporting the mission to see more women leading companies, countries and the world to a better future.

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